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Selected governmental issues are studied in depth by the League. The goal is to have an informed stand on timely issues which can be dealt with through governmental action and then to lobby for that action. After agreement is reached on an issue, the League attempts to educate and convince the public and also lobby directly with elected officials. Action may be by emails, letters, phone calls, testimony, in person visits, etc. The League lobbies government officials at all levels + national, state, and local --- in support of League positions.


Interested in voting issues? Solving the transportation crisis? Keeping guns away from Connecticut's children? We all know that legislators are most responsive to their hometown constituents. So, won't you consider joining the LWVCT Public Issues (PI) Team's Grassroots Lobby Corps? You can be involved as much as you wish, but it can be as little as 10 minutes! Contact us for more information.


Affordable Housing Position (2005). More

Design Residence Districts (DRDs). More

The Budget Process (2004)(Includes 1980 Budget Process position). More

Fairfield Master Plan (1999). More

Conservation. More

Conservation and Development of Land and Water Resources (2001-2002). More

Maximize the Preservation of Undeveloped Properties in The Town of Fairfield (2001). More

Authorities Governing Fairfield's Shoreline (1983). More

The positions of the Connecticut and the U.S. Leagues can be found on their respective websites at: and