Making Democracy Work

Authorities Governing Fairfield's Shoreline (1983)

The League of Women Voters of Fairfield supports:

Policies and actions to improve communication among local agencies with jurisdiction over the Fairfield shore area and to encourage a unified focus for shore-area policies and activities to be incorporated as part of the Master Plan.

  • Goals and management policies of the Shore Area Plan should be adopted into the Master Plan to provide focus and guidelines for all shore-area activities and development. To the maximum extent possible, these management policies should be incorporated as part of the Master Plan.
  • A special meeting, convened by the First Selectman or his agent, should be held among all agencies whose activities affect the shore area to present, explain, and promote understanding of:
    A. All shore-area goals, management policies, and e\recommended actions which may be adopted by TP&Z as part of the Master Plan;
    B. How these may affect actions of any agency or Town employees. This meeting should take place as soon as possible following adoption of the Master Plan amendment.
  • Regular meeting should be convened by the First Selectman at least twice a year among chairmen of all agencies with jurisdiction affecting the shore area to review shore-area goals and management policy and to coordinate plans, projects, and actions.
  • Responsibility and authority for coordinating the implementation of shore-area goals and policies by all town departments and employees should be assigned to a knowledgeable staff person.
  • There should be regular meetings, convened, by the responsible staff coordinator, of agency and administrative staff to exchange information and resolve any management or administrative problems.